Abdullah Liaqat

Abdullah Liaqat


With over 10 years of experience in the sales industry, Abdullah Liaqat is a management professional that has extensive experience in lead generation, contract management and customer service.

Abdullah possesses an outstanding familiarity with the entire sales process from Generating goals to Pursuing leads to Accomplishment and Performance Analysis. He has a unique management style that fosters employees to reach greater goals, as he believes that the creation, development, nurturing, and training of a successful team hinges on the level of skill and effort behind its leadership. Pro-active and having a proven ability to improve processes and people by promoting best practice procedures.

Abdullah has been the Co-Founding Director of A&F Dynamic Circle since 2018. He has acquired a deep and intensive knowledge of its offerings along with a wealth of expertise from a diverse sales background; working primarily in the Dublin region, he has now broadened his sales to UK and Ireland and is very confident about their business’s future and growth.